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Hyun Min Kim

Hyun Min (Eddie) Kim is a senior at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. His favorite hobbies are skiing, playing soccer, coding, listening to music, and playing the cello. His passion for math and science started at a young age when he began attending math and science clubs as well as competitions. To this day, he still attends competitions as a member of his high school team and currently loves science research. His interests have also led him to his current fascination with Computer Science. He enjoys spending his time learning about various topics within Computer Science by creating various web apps, attending hackathons, learning Computer Science theories, participating in CTFs, and more. Within his research, Hyun Min often incorporates programming to create tools and simulate scientific phenomena. Eddie hopes to not only to conduct interesting and meaningful research and share it with others, but also to inspire the future generation to take interest in research and computer science.