We'd like to introduce our take on the COVID-19 crisis
Creation of spread simulation and collection of data for analysis


   In the current world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, research is an integral step to developing effective solutions. The consideration of the various branches of studies regarding the coronavirus is important to obtain important information about the coronavirus. Computer scientists are currently heavily involved in analyzing the huge amounts of data collected in various parts of the world on various subcategories regarding the Covid-19. This project primarily focused on modeling and simulating the spread of the virus to analyze the rate with different precautionary measures of spread.


What did this project aim to do?

  • Provide a means of research and data collection for spread analysis in a closed environment
  • Create a means of visualizing the spread of the coronavirus based on different precautionary measures put in place
  • Design a unique simulation that incorporates human movement to create a more realistic model for spread
  • Share research on the spread of the coronavirus from spread simulation


    I want to thank Mr. Steve Goodman from Glenbrook North High School for being a wonderful mentor who supported and helped me during the simulation-creation and research processes. I also want to thank my parents for being supportive of my journey of computer science and scientific research.